Muskaan Fellowship


About the Programme

Project Muskaan Fellowship is a new initiative of Jubilant for overall development of youths. The youth leadership-training program focuses on sensitizing and enhancing the capacity of youth on community issues and providing them intense experiential learning journey with experts and mentors.

The program is intended to cater to two major development goals all-round development of youth and quality education in schools. Program will emphasize on facilitating the exchange of ideas and thematic discussions, building knowledge in various fields. This program will establish meaningful relationships with these future influencers through a series of skills modules, thematic workshops, fieldwork, exchange of ideas & being a part of the youth cohort network.



  • To shape up the personality of the selected youths around the Project locations of the Foundation
  • To facilitate development of youth through training and engaging them to develop as future leaders
  • To help the young minds to decide their career goals
  • To improve the academic ability of students studying in government primary schools

Muskaan Fellowship- Cohort 1

The first cohort of 25 Youths selected from five states i.e. Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Gujarat, Roorkee and Maharashtra in India assembled at Delhi for 5 days training programme. These youths belong to remote villages of their states.


The first Learning Retreat for Cohort 1 is organised at Vishwa Yuvak Kendra, Delhi from 24-28 June 2019 where youths received extensive training by Pravah (a renowned organisation working extensively with Youths) on soft skills, code of conduct, reasoning along with basic and customized knowledge on English and Mathematics.


The trained leaders will go back to their respective locations and will volunteer for " Muskaan after School Program " to help Rural Government School Students of their respective villages in meeting their learning goals.


Meet the Select Youth of Cohort 1 of Muskaan Fellowship Program

  • Anant Raj, Gajraula
  • Bhagyashri Sanjay Tulse, Nira
  • Dipak Kumar, Savli
  • Gulshama Khatoon, Gajraula
  • Kaushal Bhai, Savli
  • Ketan Kumar, Savli
  • Mayur A Pharande, Nira
  • Meenakshi Saini, Roorkee
  • Mohit kumar, Gajraula
  • N Suhel Ibrahim, Gujarat
  • Neeshu, Gajraula
  • Nisha, Roorkee
  • Pooja Saini
  • Preethi P, Nanjangud
  • Rajkumari, Gajraula
  • Rakshita H R, Nanjangud
  • Reetu Sharma, Gajraula
  • S Aftab Abdul, Bharuch
  • S Muhammad Iqbal
  • Sapandana S, Nanjangud
  • Snehal, Nira
  • Sonam, Gajraula
  • Swathi N, Nanjangud
  • Taiba Khatoon, Gajraula
  • Yachika Sagar, Gajraula